Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Can't Give You Anything But Love

Django Wy'nheart (2003-2016)

After You've Gone...  


     All of them, every song, you could dance and laugh to. Precious boy, you loved to bark large and talk your talk, strut your beautifully-smiling, long self --always a pink-tongued grin or an encouraging "hwOwUuffF!" So perfectly named: Django Wy'nheart, playing all hearts with your presence and giving great voice and melody to the ripe moments --"stop yapping and throw that ball (that I so conveniently placed) at your feet" moments! Such love, such encouraging voice and enthusiasm. More --always more.
     Daily amazing, love anytime, walk to the end-of-the-Earth with you, superior being with tail wagging gift of living, Thank You.


My German Shepherds are family and they are with me all the time. Every day I play the best games: run, jump, fetch, wag tail. Django epitomized how magnanimously outward these dogs can be, foregoing all things selfish for the benefit of their human. Incredible dedication, blatant devotion, overpowering love, and the most life giving power of days made best.