Monday, December 31, 2007

Mwaka mpya mwema!

It's nice when our local Rocky gives us something pretty with our morning coffee...

MOG Post: 12/31/2007
Artist: Electric Flag
Album: The Best Of Electric Flag
Track: Sunny
1971 Columbia 30422

Thanks MOG for making 2007 a memorable year for me. I'm looking forward to 2008 and more great interactions happening here. I'm grateful for this place and all of you here - sharing some great music that ease the days many times over. In a mere five months I've found many new things to listen to and I've more affections for neglected music I already have. My ears are happy.
Another resolute resolution (loving hint to the lovely Mrs) - I intend to discipline my time around all this with some much-improved temperance (like the 'no-media' days devoid of TV. Key word: moderation. Health.
I celebrated the big 'for oh' this year. : sigh : I still pick up my Stratocastor like I was seventeen - but getting older sucks pipe! Remember it's only the body that changes: we get vexed that we still feel the same - just that we can't do it the same! I'm glad to have some fellow 45rpm oldies to share with up here. I'm also glad there are some hip young folks here keeping me in tune. Music and the feelings they give are ageless - music KEEPS us all young!
One of these days I'll sit down and share with you one of my favorite moments from '07. Being the Hendrix fan that I am, you could only imagine how I felt when I met Buddy Miles. I have his signature now, right under Jimi's guitar on my Band Of Gypsies album. I'll have some indelible memories of that evening, as will my good friend who brought this Electric Flag album for a signature. He's a great audiophile (and music aficionado, and fellow Beatles scruff) - you will definitely be privy this 2008 to some of our vinyl 'rips' that are on the block (like these cut here). I thank him very much for some sincerely great times this 2007. I look forward to more (Guinness)!
I chose this tune for a another reason. ZeppoNoir, a friend whom I've shared music with since meeting him in 1979, is the friend who sent me the invite to this MOG . He wisely convinced me and MasonJar to join; we all share some choice record-pedaling days back in the 90's together and this place feels a lot like it did then. Our frequent iChats keep the distance between Seattle and Denver bearable. Zepp was able to come out here to Colorado for our birthday celebrations - it was great to have his company. A lot of things happened that week - a lot of good meetings and shared times and convivial imbibing. For me - in the few remaining hours before driving him to the airport for the flight back - it was sharing this tune. "I'm really likin' this track" he said. Indeed. :-)
This song is for all of those people in my life that make my days musical. This would most definitely include the furry creatures taking shelter here in our homes. They're always kind to us despite our being so dumb sometimes. You know how it is - always more to the stories than can be typed with these little keys. I think I'll let Barry Goldberg say it with his keys. ;-)

Peace in the New Year. Be Safe. Be Well.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

What are the deepest rhythms in your ears?

MOG Post: 12/30/2007
Artist: Blind Willie Johnson
Album: Murmurs of Earth
Track: Dark Was The Night
Commemorative Edition

Solar Synchronizations and Interplanetary Vagabonds. I think this song is about the perfect speed for my Cosmos. It's a fine human example to be chosen for the gold record placed on the Voyager spacecraft (should 'they' be so cool as to spin it).

Just to wonder what it 'sounds' like way out there...dipping your Pharaoh in the Solar Seas and finding yourself in some new Chichen Itza in the Vega system.

Watching this following video made me think of the SOHO spacecraft:

I thought of these sounds as well:
...Click on the Music of The Spheres link there. Johannes Kepler made a musical readout of the tones reflecting the motions of the Sun's planets in their orbits. It's called Harmonica Mundi.

Mathematical frequencies indeed ...this video is definitely fascinating. Just where are we in this 'post-modern' world? Would you say a paradigm (or more) has shifted and we are on to a new label of thinking? Past thoughts on a new time. So what are your plans these next 4 years? Talk about warp-factors Scotty! Beam me up indeed. ....Incedentely, I can't quite fathom the symbolism represented in our DIA (New World Airport) here - the murals of Quetzalcoatl are overwhelming. Things to make you think.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Just in case you missed what I SAID!

MOG Post: 12/29/2007
Artist: Buffalo Daughter
Album: I
Track: Earth Punk Rockers
2002 Emperor Norton


Taking the political year end edge off with some PUNK RAWK ! I really can't believe no one is discussing this group. My brain needs some release sometimes (like the crazy stress that comes with this last week of the year). Space and cabin fever and people horkin' up their figgy pudding with over-tapped liqueurs. These are the sounds and scenes that go through my head when I suffer the ILLS of all this joyousness! Seriously - make the donations! If you don't - well, we'll just have to sick the Gojira on your ass!
Like I said in the last post - WTF ! This is also for all those Evel Knievel toys I used to have- grrrrrrr I wish I knew what happened to them. (I had the perfect kid to give them to this year) R.I.P Evel - YOU ROCKED !!

Will we survive indeed. Give and forgive. Get Gojira on those who do not!!

OH YEAH - speaking of the best EARTH PUNK ROCKERS of ALL TIME :
After a 13.6 year absence, Comet 8P/Tuttle is once again traveling through the inner solar system. On Jan. 1 and 2, 2008, it makes its closest approach to Earth--only 24 million miles away. The emerald-colored comet will brighten to a predicted magnitude of 5.8, visible to the unaided eye from dark-sky sites and a fine target for backyard telescopes anywhere.
Two nights before closest approach, on Dec. 30th and 31st, something extraordinary will happen: Comet 8P/Tuttle has a beautiful close encounter with spiral galaxy M33. The comet and the galaxy may even overlap! This is a can't-miss opportunity for astro-photographers around the world.
Visit for sky maps, photos and more information

Merry MOGGing whistleto mixing under the covers!

MOG Post: 12/29/2007
Artist: Buffalo Daughter
Album: New Rock
Track: Great Five Lakes
1998 Grand Royal Records

"Discover people through music
...and music through people"
'Tis the season. Some posts come quicker than others. Some come as quick as a mogmail. Here's a piece from one I just sent to another favorite artist here on MOG :
>> If this place is about hooking up, well ... I have a thought. I came across a great artist last year and I have been avidly listening to him since (it was listening to Buffalo Daughter and finding this remixes EP). Cornelius is on my - you should be listening to - widget. I did a few clicks on MOG last month and I (joy) noticed he joined here: (artist site:
> I also noticed that he's coming over here from Japan. Certainly sad that he'll not get to Denver - but he will be at The Fillmore in San Francisco on January 18th, 2008.
...and some other cities here in the states :-) x10
(More to come later - bet)! Check him out moggers - and if you're anywhere near those cities go get your tix!
(Check out contra's latest waxing ecstatic here) :)

...So then a few more clicks on this ear and a wink and I realize there are no Buffalo Daughter posts on our MOG . WTF. There's been no affection here for this great acumen of sound?! Such a great privilege and a pleasure then to bring you something from my jpop juke to yours - something good that I know Cornelius is listening to. He has a great remix EP CD full of goodies, including a nice mix of the Buffalo Daughter tune "Great Five Lakes", from their 1998 album New Rock.
There's lots of tonal variety on this album - it's all so good it's difficult to pick just one for you from the variety and scope of the fourteen. Hmmm, something to take the mind off the overly tasty glutton of chocolate, spruce needles, bay leaves, and snow. Speaking of bays and my knowledge of the Great Lakes area - Green Bay has snowmobiles on it about now. Nice to think about summer things in all this frigid air and snow. With nice funky drum, I really love the changes this tune takes us through (and frogs are just cool to hear when its 15 degrees outside). Warm tidings to wherever you may be traveling this holiday season O MOGgies. Best 2U & URs. :-)

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fab Yourself a Happy Crimble and a Merry Goo Year!

MOG Post: 12/23/2007
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Artifacts II
Track: Christmas Time (Is Here Again)!
1967 EMI Christmas EP

We Beatle scruffs are familiar with the series of Christmas E.P.s that were released to the fan club from 1963-1969. Well-documenting their changes through the seven years, the club received a choice holiday glimpse of the Fabs around the mic(s) for a tune and yule-giggle. Dermahrk has kindly posted the lovely 1963 recording on his MOG . It's merry contrast to the (almost solely produced Lennono) later recorded Beatlecheer of 1969. Each sounds as you would expect the boys to sound in them - from cloistered crimblygiggle in 1963 to ... I'll Mail You the funny papers.
OK, so 1967 was still a good year. Their merry new banter centered more on their own comps than the (copyrighted) ones (hear 1965). '67 brought us a tune called "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)". The song was chopped over for the lovely, odd skits and bits on the Christmas record, which was, eh, highly creative and bespoke the time. Let us CUT the rug here sans "Plenty of Jam Jars" by The Ravelers, with a little present for your 40th anniversary gathering of gear little packages.
Question for mog: Hmm..were they perhaps hinting to the Tim Leary phrase of the day? Turn On, Tune In, and drop O-U-T.
Grimble maybe, Jolly whoop, and may your festive bells jingle.
Goo tidings to yours (and all the boys in BOR245thhine783).

Monday, December 10, 2007

Disseminated Penguins

MOG Post: 12/10/2007
Artist: Raymond Scott Quintette
Album: Microphone Music
Track: The Penguin
2002 Basta Audio-Visuals

Brrr it's cold here - I'm glad this long-backordered CD arrived just before the snow hit - it's been a cozy weekend of delightful listening. Ten years ago I taped a CD I borrowed from a coworker. Irresistible Bliss by Soul Coughing became a cassette I constantly played in the dash on commutes and road trips. I finally got the iTunes download just a couple of years ago and I still enjoy the album (still on road trips now with a much-used iPod). Initially hearing the track "Disseminated", I was confounded as to the sample they set the tune around. (I've never had the CD to look at any credits and never researched it). I have a penchant for old, foundational jazz. I also have a fetish for old cartoons with old music. This particular Soul Coughing sample contained these elements and was definitely ingrained in my brain somehow ... somewhere.

So years later I'm pondering my second Carl Stalling anthology CD. Carl was the musical genius behind the fabulous Warner Bros. cartoons (or was he entirely?). 'Digging' it, I came across (and yes I did remember his name from my first Stalling liner notes) .. Raymond Scott.

Simply explained: Raymond Scott started recording with studio brilliance back in the 1930s and everyone has used the man's ideas ever since. His compositions and sound are so ingrained in the beginnings that we've forgotten his name. (Please listen to contrabandwidth's fantastic post about the Amen Break for the idea here). (And, no, Also sprach Zarathustra was not written in 1968). I digress.

Good music is a requisite for Good cartoons. To wit, you hear pure Raymond Scott compositions in most of the Ren & Stimpy classics (John K's Spumco creation is a study in art on many levels). And you undoubtedly heard these Scott musings through Stalling's vast Warner Bros. repertoire of flutes, violas, clinks, and whirlygigs. 'Twas the Scott CD I chose that day, and I will definitely be sharing some more of this, the indubitable Raymond Scott Quintette (his spelling). Cool thing is ... Raymond never wrote his "descriptive jazz" with a cartoon in mind. He was tinkering with sound and electronics.
Click on this for a very good read about him.
To THE TUNES man! :p

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just for the Record .. Introductions and Thanks :-)

MOG Post: 12/6/2007
Artist: Van Morrison
Album: Moondance
Track: Into The Mystic
1970 Warner Bros.

I do have my reasons.
My Zen is attaining a sense of vertical in such a horizontal place (even though I am a member of TMDR 's flatearthsociety < winks ear >). This would lately have to include this great MOG sphere (my only true surf time anymore). Music really has molded my life since 33 1/3 (a slow vinyl kid); this particular global place gives me aural solace in such a huge chaos of electrons. From its meager beginnings and my meddling work in and around it, I have grown jaded from the (not ironic) 'disconnectedness' of people on this Internet. This MOG sphere makes me feel good about it all again. I have learned since July 2007 a true nature of the sense of community here. I've found real people and emotions behind these musical postings and I've been humbled by many things I've never had the courage to even comment on. Comments or no, we truly communicate - tempered with discerning minds and some very nice prose. Sharing a musical stage that already sets us apart, we are all testament and proof that people still actually listen.
My wonderful wife couldn't initially understand why some new friends on my 'trusted' list have become so important to me. It's difficult in this sightless internet to define trust. I remind her that I've come across a place where some real quality folks have 'come together' in an honest way. I just can't explain how I feel sometimes - yet that's precisely it. The music that binds us all here bridges many of those unseen feelings. If you're already a member of this troupe of renegades I'm sure you know what I mean. We really give of ourselves here and as a consequence we boldly enrich each other. That's exactly what music does in its best moments. I Thank You, and send accolades to the people who make this MOG brain synapse such silky threads on this ominous web. (The users here sure spin some great yarns). Kudos indeed (and plenty of glorious Java) (I prefer Folgers with .5/.5) ;-)
So, Mrs. FastRMacR has graciously let me entertain (and detain) my brain here for some months now. I need to officially thank her. "Thank You, sweetheart"..for reading all of my posts, letting me display my guitars in the house, and generally supporting a life that spends every breath with music (and doesn't make a dime from it save my sanity). Let me also thank you for sharing - and giving reason to - the great mountain drives with the dogs and listening to Croce, Denver, Dylan, and Foo. I think you know why I am here and why I'm writing this post - I believe it was English and Led Zeppelin. :D
Circles are good.
Babes, this tune is for you.
An incredible thanks to everyone here for 'making' this great MOG space.
Demographics and time? PAH !
GREAT people? √√√!
We should thank our lucky stars, eh?
Peace and good tidings to you and yours.
-Steve (FastRMacR)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quelle heure?

MOG Post: 11/3/2007
Artist: The Stray Cats
Album: Choo Choo Hot Fish
Track: Sleepwalk
1994 Rhino Records

Did you know Ben Franklin invented an instrument called the Armonica?
Have a read.

From NASA's KSNN :
The idea for DST is credited to Benjamin Franklin. He (and others) felt we would use less candles (less resources) if the daylight lasted longer. DST has you move your clock ahead one hour in April and back one hour in October. Hawaii, Arizona, and most of Indiana do not change their clocks to observe DST . Countries close to or on the equator do not observe DST .
A unique situation occurs along the longitude line at 180 degrees away from the Prime Meridian. This is the International Date Line. You will change days as soon as you cross the line. If you cross it going west, you will add a day. Going east across it means you lose a day. This line is in the Pacific Ocean and care was taken to make sure it does not go through landmasses.
It is still possible that two people may have watches that do not agree. That is not necessarily because of time zone problems. Time zones allow everyone on Earth to have a similar day with the sun rising in the morning and setting during evening hours.
< Get a full read here ...>

Spring Forward, Fall Back...Spring Forward, Fall Back...Spring Forward, Fall Back...nuttiness..
Personally, I think we should all be on the same time zone. At least this is the good one (for some of you)...TAKE that extra hour...sleeeeep (walk)!
One of my faVorite covers from a beautiful Santo & Johnny classic, "Sleepwalk". Brian makes real nice on the fretwork on this one. Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Monster Bonzo

MOG Post: 10/31/2007
Artist: Bonzo Dog Band
Album: Cornology
Track: Monster Mash (studio)

If you are a Beatle fan then chances are you know of a place called Rutland. If you know those connections (ie Monty Python), then you know The Rutles. It follows then you know of Neil Innes. Where there is Neil there is The Bonzo Dog Band (aka ”..Doo-Dah Band”, ”..Dada Band”, and “The Bonzos”). Formed precisely on September 25th, 1962, they were perhaps best known for being the regular band on the children’s television program, Do Not Adjust Your Set. Satire, parody, zaniness, weird, inventive, or musical; whatever you want to call it, it’s great creative fun.


Sly does it. Tiptoe catspaws. Slide and creep.
But why? What for? How? Who? When! Where did it all begin?
“You don’t know, do you?” asks Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud climbing out of the pile of leaves under the Halloween Tree. “You don’t really know!”

—Ray Bradbury, The Halloween Tree

Monday, October 22, 2007

Downy gwlanen covers of kintyre..

MOG Post: 10/22/2007
Artist: Wings
Album: Wild Life
Track: Love Is Strange
1971 Apple Records

--- (Macca 1)

Paul McCartney will always hold a special place with me. Like the rest of the Fabs and their respective post-Fab careers, I’ve “loved them all.” I’ve learned much vicariously through the 4 guys as well. They were good musicians because of solid foundations in listening. Point: listen to what they listen to – perhaps then gain some insight into the stories behind Penny Lane and Abbey Road (or George’s All Things Must Pass or Ringo’s Rotogravure). Early Paul is really good stuff – McCartney and Ram are great albums. With songs like “Maybe I’m Amazed” and “Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey” – it’s hard to deny his immortality beyond “Yesterday” and “Let It Be” – his repertoire of iconic love songs is vast. There was a little album that came out right after those two which went unnoticed really. 1971 featured the inception of Paul’s new group, Wings. Outside of Paul, wife Linda, and (former Moody Blues) guitarist Denny Laine, the group would see many changes of members over the 1970s. This first album wasn’t received so well at the time, perhaps because it was recorded practically live and first take (and folks were still jaded from the fresh Fab split). I think it’s a very fun album. I’d spun this particular track many times over before knowing that it was actually a cover of the 1956 hit by Micky & Sylvia. I’m still partial to the Wings version…but I sure like the original now that I’ve found it – thanks to Wings. Without further ‘ado then, here’s Macca, Linda, Denny Laine, and drummer Denny Seiwell. The name “Wings” came from the angels surrounding Stella -Paul’s second child with Linda.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Imagine Peace

MOG Post: 10/9/2007
Artist: John Lennon
Album: Imagine/Give Peace A Chance
Track: Give Peace A Chance

It is always a fine day for PEACE ! Be a part of the happening today and send your positive vibes and prayers. BE the change!
Thank you, Yoko, for your continued vigilance for peace and for all of the love you share with us around the world. :-) Namaste!

If one billion people in the world think peace, we’ll get peace.
You may think: “Well, how are we going to get one billion people in the world to think PEACE ?”
Remember, each one of us has the power to change the world.
Power works in mysterious ways.
You don’t have to do much.
Visualise the domino effect and just start thinking PEACE .
Thoughts are infectious.
Send it out.
The message will circulate faster than you think.
It’s time for action.
The action is PEACE .
Spread the WORD .
Spread PEACE .
Remember: A dream we dream together is reality.
So stand up, speak out, and come together.
Imagine all the people living life in peace.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


MOG Post: 09/29/2007
Artist: Carl Perkins
Album: The Complete Sun Singles Vol. 2
Track: Matchbox
1995 Bear Family Records

Only 2 weeks in I'm addicted with 5 meager posts on 'my mog'- wow do I feel good in this place. Newbie me didn't have the brain to check the Carl Perkins artist MOG (and had not a clue about the artist/mp3 link/post connections there). With all due respect, I didn't know who deadmandeadman even was or that he had just (nicely) posted Blue Suede Shoes just the day prior on August 1st.
Yes, I just recently (even after he graciously commented on another post of mine), checked the Carl Perkins artist site. My faux-pas seems obvious and I apologize. If anything, it certainly shows we were on the same sheet of music and wavelength. :D My fellow mogger - I hope I have learned enough since then to make some amends in this html place. Let's just share some more good music for the mog masses, shall we? I sure got a long way to go (and a lot to learn). Peace.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Is it Funky Friday or something?

MOG Post: 09/28/2007
Artist: Donovan
Album: Barabajagal
Track: Barabajagal
1969 Epic Records

No huge dialog from me this Friday. I've been so busy lately that I've been denied my favorite MOG surfing (that and I've been forced off by certain family members because I spend far too much time on this cool site)! ;-)
I heard this on the radio recently and it really funked my day up well. Have a nice weekend my friends and have a good time with whomever you please (whatever their name is). I'm not gonna research and blab here either lol! YOU TELL ME what the heck he's talking about! Be well moggers! Dig that guitar intro (now that's funky)! Hint: Jeff Beck Group.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

James Marshall Hendrix (November 27, 1942 - September 18, 1970)

MOG Post: 09/18/2007
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Nine To The Universe
Track: Nine To The Universe
1980 Reprise Records

Here are some late, great, creative juices for your ears - a nice audio spectrum from Jimi Hendrix' luscious guitar palette and virtuoso hands. Underscored by Jimi's studio man Alan Douglas, I think this title cut is ultimately the most pure jamming session - and my favorite from the L.P. record. I love the progression the song goes through and the amazing control of Stratocastor and the sound Jimi wrenches from it. I busted to get this vinyl copy of the album in my collection because the clarity had long since worn out on my cassette. Sadly - Nine To The Universe has not yet been released on CD! Let me just type for you from the phenomenal Joe Robinson and Gene Sculatti review (on the back of this here 12 3/8" cardboard sleeve):

"... He had outraged, menaced, seduced, evoked a generation. In three years. He'd done Monterey, Woodstock, the Isle of Wight, Johnny Carson. And in the translation from musician to pop deity he was feeling increasingly hemmed in. He couldn't take one more "Foxy Lady."
And so it was that he wound up on a very different stage in 1969, in a swank jazz club in London's West End, Ronnie Scott's. Known as the place for jazz in London by those who have the money to get in it, Ronnie Scott's was at least several light shows from th
e circuit the rock-guitarist had begun three years prior right down to the rain-slicked streets in Soho.
But, true to form, Hendrix had chosen the perfect traveler with whom to clear
ly state his growing interest in jazz, Rahsaan Roland Kirk. The late Kirk, who could play three instruments at once and was every bit the innovator in his realm that Hendrix was in his. They hit it off. They planned to record together, but Hendrix didn't live to see it out.
When Hendrix went back to the Record Plant in New York he continued to complain about the restrictions, contractual and managerial, that kept him from stretching out beyond pop confines. Despite the pressures he couldn't deny his own evolution, which wa
s leading inevitably to an embryonic fusion of jazz and rock.
The sparks of fusion were already cracking through the Record Plant. John McLaughlin, who had switched to electric guitar with a vengeance, would often drop by to trade notes with Hendrix. Larry Young and Tony Williams were frequent guests. Miles Davis, whose music guided all of these players - and was a Hendrix favorite - was an important visitor.
In many ways, it was no surprise when Hendrix changed personnel in the spr
ing of 1969, recruiting army buddy Billy Cox on bass and drummer Buddy Miles. In between sessions for his last pop album, Hendrix jammed with his new band and his many visitors, thus creating the music that now makes up Nine To The Universe.
... If Hendrix had become restless within the confines of his public role as ev
idence indicates, this set gives indication of some of the specific directions he wanted to take.
Planned recordings with Kirk, Gil Evans and other jazz luminaries offer prospects of even more imaginative Hendrix music, music which, sadly, we can only speculate about."

Recorded 5/29/69 - Record Plant, N.Y.
Jimi Hendrix - Guitar
Billy Cox - Bass
Buddy Miles - Drums

Sunday, September 16, 2007

R.I.P. Bobby Byrd

MOG Post: 09/16/2007
Artist: James Brown
Album: 20 All Time Greatest Hits!
Track: Make It Funky, Pt.1

Many Thanks to Sonical & Ivylander for posting this news. I didn't see anything posted under the James Brown artist site and I thought it apropos to do so. I can't tell you how many times I've quoted the beginning of this song.

Read the WP news today.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wouldn't It Be Nice....

MOG Post: 9/11/2007
Artist: The Beach Boys
Album: The Pet Sounds Sessions: A 30th Anniversary Collection
Track: Wouldn't It Be Nice - (Vocals Only)
1997 Capitol Records

War is Over If You Want It

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

I'm not quite sure what to say on this anniversary of 9/11/2001. I miss those beautiful buildings; I'm still angry that I never got a chance to see their architecture up close and personal. The calendar has brought us around to another Tuesday morning. I really don't know where we are this 6 years hence: I still have a lot of questions as do a lot of other good folks. Let me just say that there's too much global suffering, too much anger, and not enough love and communication anymore. I'm disheartened that we live in a 'post 9/11' world. It is what it is - and we must make of it what we can now. I urge you to activate yourselves in this crazy, collapsing 'civilization' by, well, being civil every second of your being (with yourself, others, and all creatures). Free your minds and take back your daily moments and your Self. THINK globally and ACT locally! We have to get our hands on the levers and make the machine stop. We need to take some breath and enjoy it - to really stop and smell the roses for a change. Stop the huffing and puffing (for what?!), and really start listening and loving more. I'm grateful for this Internet -it gives us a phenomenal opportunity to really converge on that chant: Power To The People! I hope we can use it well and take it back. It would be nice too if we relaxed and surfed the real sunsets a bit more. It would be truly nice if we lived in a NOW world that smiled because there are more reasons to. Rampant raison d'être is my parting wish for humanity..nice and slow. We really are all together on this Third Stone From The Sun. Indeed, there isn't anything funny about Peace, Love, and Understanding (except perhaps that it puts a real nice smile on your face). Imagine.
I dedicate this beautiful love song to all the people that lost their lives unknowingly - just striving for at least one smile in that fateful day. You are not forgotten. Kiss someone you love (and please wear a smile always).

"Brothers and Sisters: We bring to your thought and minds that right-minded human beings seek to promote above all else the life of all things. We direct to your minds that peace is not merely the absence of war, but the constant effort to maintain harmonious existence between all peoples, from individual to individual, and between humans and the other beings on this planet. We point out to you that a Spiritual Consciousness is the Path to Survival of Humankind."

-The Haudenosaunee Declaration, (1979)

Monday, September 10, 2007

Four Fried Chickens, a Coke, and one piece of dry white Toast!

MOG Post: 9/10/2007
Artist: The Blues Brothers
Album: The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording
Track: "She Caught The Katy"

Classic. A Soul tour de force. A Rhythm & Blues coup de grace. This movie is in your library isn't it? Well ..get it .. and get into it maaan! Get Into It! "The BanD! The BaaaaaaanD!" Those immortal words of Jake as the GFOS James Brown pulls him into the light. That recent STAX Records special (and a nice comment by missjunk) sparked some cool spins and conversations about Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper and Donald 'Duck' Dunn. Essentially the core of the MGs, they glued the two comedians as solid, R&B front men for the movie classic. The SNL sunglasses skit payed off and the music was real - genuine "Memphis Group" chowing down on some real standards. The music and the theme throughout is time well spent - many times. I've always got a kick out of Carrie Fisher's role in the film, just hilarious counter to John Belushi (and key to the sunglasses). I'm also enthralled by Cab Calloway. I almost think the movie was written for him, especially in the "Minnie The Moocher" cut: the suspension of time as he warms the audience in the old 1940s dance hall - it's simply the coolest respect for Cab's true place in history. Or Ray Charles settin' them all up with their instruments. You'll also find that the car is a very special character in of itself. Indeed, the movie revolves around it, as The Brothers spin their yarn around Chicago. Some of the best tunes can be scene with the Sam & Dave tape in the dash. SCMODS !

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Viva La Muerte - Savage Planet

MOG Post: 8/28/2007

I came across this just chance when keying in on MasonJar's post ... word 'die'. I wanted another word and typed 'muerte' - google gave me this. Sweet. My good friend ZeppoNoir loves Fantastic Planet, a 1973 animated film made English of the original French film, La Planète sauvage, directed by René Laloux. We remember most the cool surreal art of Roland Topor, who co-wrote that film with Laloux. In 1971, Roland did these drawings for a film by Arrabal entitled Viva la Muerte. I just love the tune and I love the imagery (and I just read that John Lennon loved the film). I like my surrealism and I like my Goya (and I love artsy, social statements). I must get this FILM NOIR ! would love to know more about these artists and that Fantastic Planet film - it's a favorite from my childhood. Please share some of your glorious insights with us ZeppoNoir. 8-)

Friday, August 24, 2007

"Fascinating Jim, Fascinating!"

MOG Post: 8/24/2007
Artist: Pink Floyd
Album: The Wall
Track: Is There Anybody Out There?
1979 Columbia Records

Wow! Did anybody catch this news in the paper this morning? Oddly - despite finding 'anything' I think The Univ of Minnesota has truly found something. Try and put your head around what these folks have newly put on the science table. UMN.EDU

The skies were beautiful here the other evening as I watched a 2 minute flyover of a just-separated International Space Station and STS -118. It blew me away - two huge human objects hurling across the cosmic backdrop like Venus or Jupiter. It was even better to watch the shuttle land the next morning; that little dot of light came into the Florida sunlight with 2 huge bangs and a flawless touchdown. We are getting places my friends. But in this little backwash of a galaxy, just how much bears some contemplation. Observations and combined thinking are really the next frontiers of travel - the real flight distances are just too staggering for we puny things.
I'm reminded of two quotations:

"What is it all but a worry of ants in the light of a million, million suns."
-Alfred, Lord Tennyson

"What is inconceivable about the universe is that it is at all conceivable."
-Albert Einstein


MOG Post: 08/24/2007
Artist: Herbie Hancock
Album: Solid Steel Vol.1: DJ Food & D.K.
Track: "Nobu"
2001 Ninja Tune \Zen CD55

Please see my previous two posts. Just listen .. it's all in there:
yet another counterpoint for the recent explorations in boogin' it!
Speaking of musicians ... in context ... in time.


Boog It & Swing It!

MOG Post: 08/24/2007
Artist: Duke Ellington
Album: Braggin' in Brass: The Immortal 1938 Year
Track: "Braggin' in Brass"
1938 (1989) Columbia B0013GQUT0

My last post was complete happenstance. I came across something new that just turned my crank and made me dance; I just had to share those cool sounds Mocean Worker is putting together (and he's already been quite prolific while I was sleeping). Golden oldies dance club remix fun? Naaaw, you player purist ... that's heretical! Well, I ask you: what is at all bad about experimenting with great old music to expose to an audience that would otherwise not give it a chance? Exactly. This is especially true if the new mix is done by a quality ear that knows the repertoire he's culling from. I've been particularly fond of the European trip-hop mixing (like James Braddell et al.). There are some real tasty soundscapes in that milieu if you like jazz and experimental beat musing. In this ever-present electronic age, I sometimes need that sweet floaty, mind-bending sound to help lull my day into bearable moments (and technical harmony always helps to woo the technology when you work on it..really). I'm a little like Herbie Hancock that way I guess. Moreover, it's just intelligent sound and good ear food on occasion.
There, now let's step back (forward?). I need to keep my old Music 340 class going ... I've been happily sussing out old tunes that sounded like/felt like that fresh "Shake Ya Boogie" tune. I have a pretty modest library so far in my days, so many things played well to the boogie idea (I could post at least 10 great original tunes/at least handy). Ahh time...
Early Duke Ellington was particularly great, and so was early Count Basie - so here are my humble offerings for your counterpoint listening pleasure.
Edward Kennedy Ellington (April 29, 1899–May 24, 1974), and William Basie (August 21, 1904 – April 26, 1984), are quite frankly, outside of perhaps Louis Armstrong or Miles Dewey Davis III , quintessential American Jazz History 101. I don't think you can find me a more prolific or influential group of men; the prodigious, combined library is indelible to all genres of music and cultures. Court was truly in order for the decades they held the floor - just as they all are timeless and royal. Pure - yes (and you can swing a little with your boogie too). Duke-mix-a-lot and DJ-Count (blasphemous)! (So please click HERE for some righteous reading).
*Please note. In this < binary playback > , all of the instrumentation in the original 1938 recording is powered by unfeathered bipeds with analog devices. If I's a big band..remember people mixing? It's a digital age (no kiddin' nano?) ... may you sample well and may the muse be with you. ;-P (And may you always keep a hep in your step)!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yummy Sounds - Boog It!

MOG Post: 08/19/2007
Artist: Mocean Worker
Album: Cinco de MOWO!
Track: "Shake Ya Boogie"
2007 Mowo!, Inc. \B000QEILQK

I really enjoyed a post by dermahrk about Elvis Presley and The Beatles. A fantastic discussion ensued; I mentioned the overwhelming amount of music that we must sift through everyday. Gratefully, I've taken a lot of historical clues from many of my favorite artists over the years. These references constantly take me back in time - then I always find myself completely engrossed and adoring anything from around 1900-1950. I'm a nostalgia NUT - and I feel like I'm constantly finding really cool stuff from history that constantly tears me away from caring about anything new that's coming along. Like Carl Sagan and his references in Cosmos to reading the entire New York Public Library - there's only a bare % of it you could consume at a crushing 10hr-a-day pace for your entire lifetime! Whew! So, knowing that quite a bit of my music consumption is pretty much Beatle-related (like daily vitamins) ... that leaves little room for great explorations in a music world that had exploded exponentially since the (pardon) atom bomb! With that said, I really can appreciate the amalgamations that music has progressed into when I do catch new things. There's a new type of artist that has the digital ability to sample from a ..massive library of classic sound. This artist can not only pick up a wooden thingy that makes sound when 'played', he can hit a bank of electronic PCBs and cull sounds from thousands of wooden thingies and thousands of timbres and shades of each. Absolutely limitless potential for creativity ..or chaos.
< breathe >

I finally grabbed some time today to catch up on some NPR - All Songs Considered podcasts (outside of mog now my only sane way of getting 'new' sounds from reputable sources). Host Bob Boilen does a great job on that show - great conversations and cool music plays. I played the 6/28/07 broadcast and heard this sweet little tune called "Tickle It" by Mocean Worker. A quick search got me his website and I surfed well, catching this tune here forefront in video. Wow! Incredibly fun, inventive stuff. I'm so glad MOWO is already a MOG presence. Awesome! Enjoy .. I sure do. Sounds like this keeps a smile on your face and a hep in your step.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

King in the Land of Grace

MOG Post: 08/16/2007
Artist: Elvis Presley
Album: Elvis Gospel 1957-72: Known Only To Him
Track: "Peace In The Valley"

Rest In Peace, Elvis Aaron Presley
(January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977)

Forty-two or Seventy-two

Odd how we make such a deal of the passing of an icon ... or at least the tragic day that they passed. I remember Yoko Ono making a plea for us to celebrate John Lennon's birthday on October 9, rather than relive the horror of December 8, 1980. Alas, we continue the vigils on the 'deathday' -healing being only the distance that time brings. It's been 30 years since Elvis Presley died. Like all of those tragically lost artists, it is amazing to think of what they would be doing if they were still alive. In my opinion, that's a bittersweet thought that taints the music you can listen too. Point is ..they're not, they can't, and all we have is the repertoire they left behind while they were here. We should play their music all year 'round and celebrate often. On those specific days, we light the candles and play their music with a little more emphasis ... hearing it with a little more sadness and sweetness.

Rest In Peace, Elvis Aaron Presley (January 8, 1935 - August 16, 1977)

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Stax o' melting wax!

MOG Post: 08/09/2007
Artist: Booker T. & The MG's
Album: The Best Of Booker T. & The MG's
Track: "Summertime"

Just recently we were chatting about favorite albums, and someone nicely suggested Porgy and Bess. Mind you, they were referring to the fabulous arrangement by Miles Davis and Gil Evans from 1958, not the original from 1933 by George Gershwin. "Summertime" was the first tune Gershwin wrote for his opera; outside of The Beatles "Yesterday", it's likely the most covered song ever done. I'm very fond of the Sarah Vaughan version myself, but this recent STAX Records special got me thinkin' (plus MasonJar has got me thinkin' cover tunes all nutty-like). I'm a huge fan of Booker T. & The MG's - the band cuts the standard on perfection. There's so much material to pick and choose from these guys, really, they are prolific and pervade every niche of the music scene. No doubt we all remember the MGs fondly behind Jake & Elwood Blues. They recently could be seen backing Joe Walsh at Eric Clapton's Crossroads guitar festival in Texas - solid man...rockin' solid.
Given the times and the heat 'round here this summer - seems fitting for a nice sloooo Hammond B-3 teased by Booker T. Jones to woo your cool meter. Want to chill some more with Steve Cropper? Check out his cool licks as well on Otis Redding's "Dock Of The Bay" Ahhhhhhhhh <--listen to this

Summertime, an' the livin' is easy
Fish are jumpin' an' the cotton is high
Oh, Yo daddy's rich an' yo' ma is good lookin'
So hush, little baby, don't you cry
One of these mornin's, you goin' to rise up singin'
Then you'll spread yo' wings an' you'll take the sky
But till that mornin', there's a nothin' can harm you
With daddy & mammy standin' by

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Auto Club Cessnut

MOG Post: 08/08/2007
Artist: Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Album: American Country Music Changed Her Life
Track: "Help Me Make It (Through The Night)"

I had the fortune of working next to Slim Cessna back in 1998-1999. We teched Apple products on conjoining benches and shared lots of conversation and cigarette breaks. Those were great times. His distinct antics and demeanor were commensurate with the music that came out of him constantly (like yodeling around the shop). I remember mornings at work after many of those late night gigs or sessions ... it was nice to scream and yodel with the coffee and fix LaserWriter IIs. He needs to know that I remember him well: "I put the mog icon up for ya Slim, and I hope you don't mind that I share some performance of your band and some pics."
Check him out if he ever swings through your area - say howdy.
I selected this tune because of the good country roots and pedal steel: (for bronsonmusic); MasonJar has a great thread going about good cover tunes; and Wassonii started me on the pedal steel from Pete Drake (I think you and bronsonmusic will like the expeditious Glenn Taylor and his sounds here). ZeppoNoir, well sir, have some Kris Kristofferson - you'll probably dig everyone that's covered this very good song (with some controversy as well).
The Bluebird Theater here in Denver is a cool venue. I've noted seeing many groups there over the years - fantastic place to have a good beer. This live album was recorded as well during an infamous blizzard here on October 24, 1997. Crates of ale for the cold - hot-stompin' fire-brand country for your soul. Slim, I wish you and yours well!
See you at the show soon!
All The Best/Mac

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Roots (the Sun grows Apples)

MOG Post: 08/02/2007
Artist: Carl Perkins
Album: The Complete Sun Singles (Vol. 2)
Track: Blue Suede Shoes
1995 Bear Family Records

Did you catch some of the STAX Records history on PBS? Wow - good stuff! Memphis must have been one Happenin' Place in the 1950s. Gracious! Music on every corner; speakers blaring from storefront record houses and radio stations, or groups of fellas hovering falsetto everywhere. Incredible.
MOG is obviously about 'new' groups and new sounds (a very cool, global real-time, interactive forum). It's fascinating to contrast the exposure of "the new music" with times like 1950s Memphis, Tennessee. Try pitting today's musicians with those challenges of being heard. Better yet, imagine what that generation would have been able to do with today's technology. Nevermind ... stupid fantasy. Point is ... music is always "new" - it depends on when you hear it and the context that you are currently in (and both those factors change ... consistently).
There was a time when kids from Liverpool, England (IE, The Beatles - Apple) just soaked-up these Memphis recordings coming over on the ships. I can tell you, if John Lennon wanted to be Chuck Berry and Paul McCartney wanted to be Elvis, then George Harrison wanted to be Carl Perkins. The Beatles covered many of Carl's tunes in their early days. Years later Carl performed on Paul's album Tug of War. "George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Ringo Starr appeared with him on a television special taped in London, England, called "Carl Perkins and Friends: A Rockabilly Session". Perkins and his friends ended the session by singing his signature song, 30 years after its writing, which brought Perkins to tears."

This is his signature recording, Blue Suede Shoes, from 1955. All those Brit legends learned some guitar with this one folks. It's from that other Memphis label, Sun Records. You know ... Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley ... yeah, you know.
I love that the tune was written on a brown paper bag in a haste, after Carl saw a guy make his beautiful girl avoid his shoes at a dance. I love too that it's everywhere in rock 'n' roll - it's truly legendary.
Good music is always fresh. Remember - It really is all about the sound and how good it feels - not the money, the video, or the idol. Take off your brown suede boots! Let's Dance!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

E I E I O ~

MOG Post: 07/29/2007
Artist: Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers
Album: Hear Those New Southern Fiddle & Guitar Records

Go back 100-years with this traditional: somewhere in the olde countrie withe the hobbits mate (ye olde Ozarks). Cite the 1920s perhaps for some Gid Tanner & His Skillet Lickers. Earlier really, with refs to English folk songs from the 19th Century. I guess we should really attribute the opera called The Kingdom of the Birds by Thomas D'Urfey.

...1720 probably by some guy drinkin' jolly-water and hangin' out with locals and talkin to the critters in a happy stupor! :p

Moof Moof ~On the GNU Hurd kernel, the error message "Computer bought the farm" has the error code EIEIO

Bless and Rest In Peace, Jim Henson