Friday, July 27, 2007

Beatle Jeff (or Ted)

MOG Post: 7/27/2007
Artist: George Harrison
Album: Awaiting On You All
(The Best Of The 'All Things Must Pass' Session-Outtakes)

Track: "I Live For You"

It's obvious my affection for Beatles. They've made me into the music aficionado that (I think) I am, and they are a great barometer for much of my tastes. As much as I think I know (and admire) John Lennon, I believe I would have much preferred to hang out with George Harrison. He's my kind of thinker/ philosopher/ musician (like sussing out reefer while making his first visit to Elvis Presley's house)! His 1970 triple album, All Things Must Pass, is an incredible release of creative muse. He just blossomed without Lennon & McCartney hovering over him. This is an album that I would want to be stranded on an island with - I have never tired of listening to the beautiful melodies or insightful lyrics (or the killer extended jams on Disk 3). Wassonii just shared a wonderful recording on his MOG page by Pete Drake. Drake was all over Harrison's album with his amazing pedal steel guitar, "Ol' Goldie".
Coincidentally, Drake played steel guitar on five of Elvis' movie soundtracks ... just maybe ... it was Pete that George met and smoked funky jazz cigarettes with in Elvis' green room)! When I heard these demo takes by Pete - I went immediately to the album and sussed out the (numerous) pedal steel tracks. Some of the most pretty sounds are on the song "I Live For You". George gave us a reissue of that song with a bonus track on the 2001 re-issue of All Things Must Pass. This track here is slightly different - taken from Awaiting On You All, a great alternative release that pulls the real George Harrison out of the Phil Spector production. Let It Roll!
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