Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The hypnotized never lie...

MOG Post: 4/1/2009
Artist: Pete Townshend
Album: The Other Scoop
Track: Won't Get Fooled Again

...DO YA?

Long time.
Lurked, Listened some (a whole year now flown (...never even one of those cool anniversary cakes from nothereanymoreeither Lester .. )). Life really does get in the way with doing the things you want to do (or can). Stymied like Satre suggested - no fvckin exit. Stop trying to escape - you can't.
It really is all in the mind.

Music is inextricable from the politics of the time of any musician. It's always a work in progress -just as he is. It's all about about attentions and time. Period.
Get over it and don't be fooled. Be a part of the grand illusion. Slow down. Breathe. exactly Who are you again? Me. The real me - that's reality.
..but don't be fooled again.

"Fool me once, shame on .. shame on you .. ... ... . fool m' .. 'can't get fooled again.."

---Fool me once..shame on you ... Fool me twice ... shame on me---



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