Saturday, September 29, 2007


MOG Post: 09/29/2007
Artist: Carl Perkins
Album: The Complete Sun Singles Vol. 2
Track: Matchbox
1995 Bear Family Records

Only 2 weeks in I'm addicted with 5 meager posts on 'my mog'- wow do I feel good in this place. Newbie me didn't have the brain to check the Carl Perkins artist MOG (and had not a clue about the artist/mp3 link/post connections there). With all due respect, I didn't know who deadmandeadman even was or that he had just (nicely) posted Blue Suede Shoes just the day prior on August 1st.
Yes, I just recently (even after he graciously commented on another post of mine), checked the Carl Perkins artist site. My faux-pas seems obvious and I apologize. If anything, it certainly shows we were on the same sheet of music and wavelength. :D My fellow mogger - I hope I have learned enough since then to make some amends in this html place. Let's just share some more good music for the mog masses, shall we? I sure got a long way to go (and a lot to learn). Peace.

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