Monday, September 10, 2007

Four Fried Chickens, a Coke, and one piece of dry white Toast!

MOG Post: 9/10/2007
Artist: The Blues Brothers
Album: The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording
Track: "She Caught The Katy"

Classic. A Soul tour de force. A Rhythm & Blues coup de grace. This movie is in your library isn't it? Well ..get it .. and get into it maaan! Get Into It! "The BanD! The BaaaaaaanD!" Those immortal words of Jake as the GFOS James Brown pulls him into the light. That recent STAX Records special (and a nice comment by missjunk) sparked some cool spins and conversations about Steve 'The Colonel' Cropper and Donald 'Duck' Dunn. Essentially the core of the MGs, they glued the two comedians as solid, R&B front men for the movie classic. The SNL sunglasses skit payed off and the music was real - genuine "Memphis Group" chowing down on some real standards. The music and the theme throughout is time well spent - many times. I've always got a kick out of Carrie Fisher's role in the film, just hilarious counter to John Belushi (and key to the sunglasses). I'm also enthralled by Cab Calloway. I almost think the movie was written for him, especially in the "Minnie The Moocher" cut: the suspension of time as he warms the audience in the old 1940s dance hall - it's simply the coolest respect for Cab's true place in history. Or Ray Charles settin' them all up with their instruments. You'll also find that the car is a very special character in of itself. Indeed, the movie revolves around it, as The Brothers spin their yarn around Chicago. Some of the best tunes can be scene with the Sam & Dave tape in the dash. SCMODS !

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