Saturday, November 3, 2007

Quelle heure?

MOG Post: 11/3/2007
Artist: The Stray Cats
Album: Choo Choo Hot Fish
Track: Sleepwalk
1994 Rhino Records

Did you know Ben Franklin invented an instrument called the Armonica?
Have a read.

From NASA's KSNN :
The idea for DST is credited to Benjamin Franklin. He (and others) felt we would use less candles (less resources) if the daylight lasted longer. DST has you move your clock ahead one hour in April and back one hour in October. Hawaii, Arizona, and most of Indiana do not change their clocks to observe DST . Countries close to or on the equator do not observe DST .
A unique situation occurs along the longitude line at 180 degrees away from the Prime Meridian. This is the International Date Line. You will change days as soon as you cross the line. If you cross it going west, you will add a day. Going east across it means you lose a day. This line is in the Pacific Ocean and care was taken to make sure it does not go through landmasses.
It is still possible that two people may have watches that do not agree. That is not necessarily because of time zone problems. Time zones allow everyone on Earth to have a similar day with the sun rising in the morning and setting during evening hours.
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Spring Forward, Fall Back...Spring Forward, Fall Back...Spring Forward, Fall Back...nuttiness..
Personally, I think we should all be on the same time zone. At least this is the good one (for some of you)...TAKE that extra hour...sleeeeep (walk)!
One of my faVorite covers from a beautiful Santo & Johnny classic, "Sleepwalk". Brian makes real nice on the fretwork on this one. Enjoy.

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