Thursday, December 6, 2007

Just for the Record .. Introductions and Thanks :-)

MOG Post: 12/6/2007
Artist: Van Morrison
Album: Moondance
Track: Into The Mystic
1970 Warner Bros.

I do have my reasons.
My Zen is attaining a sense of vertical in such a horizontal place (even though I am a member of TMDR 's flatearthsociety < winks ear >). This would lately have to include this great MOG sphere (my only true surf time anymore). Music really has molded my life since 33 1/3 (a slow vinyl kid); this particular global place gives me aural solace in such a huge chaos of electrons. From its meager beginnings and my meddling work in and around it, I have grown jaded from the (not ironic) 'disconnectedness' of people on this Internet. This MOG sphere makes me feel good about it all again. I have learned since July 2007 a true nature of the sense of community here. I've found real people and emotions behind these musical postings and I've been humbled by many things I've never had the courage to even comment on. Comments or no, we truly communicate - tempered with discerning minds and some very nice prose. Sharing a musical stage that already sets us apart, we are all testament and proof that people still actually listen.
My wonderful wife couldn't initially understand why some new friends on my 'trusted' list have become so important to me. It's difficult in this sightless internet to define trust. I remind her that I've come across a place where some real quality folks have 'come together' in an honest way. I just can't explain how I feel sometimes - yet that's precisely it. The music that binds us all here bridges many of those unseen feelings. If you're already a member of this troupe of renegades I'm sure you know what I mean. We really give of ourselves here and as a consequence we boldly enrich each other. That's exactly what music does in its best moments. I Thank You, and send accolades to the people who make this MOG brain synapse such silky threads on this ominous web. (The users here sure spin some great yarns). Kudos indeed (and plenty of glorious Java) (I prefer Folgers with .5/.5) ;-)
So, Mrs. FastRMacR has graciously let me entertain (and detain) my brain here for some months now. I need to officially thank her. "Thank You, sweetheart"..for reading all of my posts, letting me display my guitars in the house, and generally supporting a life that spends every breath with music (and doesn't make a dime from it save my sanity). Let me also thank you for sharing - and giving reason to - the great mountain drives with the dogs and listening to Croce, Denver, Dylan, and Foo. I think you know why I am here and why I'm writing this post - I believe it was English and Led Zeppelin. :D
Circles are good.
Babes, this tune is for you.
An incredible thanks to everyone here for 'making' this great MOG space.
Demographics and time? PAH !
GREAT people? √√√!
We should thank our lucky stars, eh?
Peace and good tidings to you and yours.
-Steve (FastRMacR)

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