Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Auto Club Cessnut

MOG Post: 08/08/2007
Artist: Slim Cessna's Auto Club
Album: American Country Music Changed Her Life
Track: "Help Me Make It (Through The Night)"

I had the fortune of working next to Slim Cessna back in 1998-1999. We teched Apple products on conjoining benches and shared lots of conversation and cigarette breaks. Those were great times. His distinct antics and demeanor were commensurate with the music that came out of him constantly (like yodeling around the shop). I remember mornings at work after many of those late night gigs or sessions ... it was nice to scream and yodel with the coffee and fix LaserWriter IIs. He needs to know that I remember him well: "I put the mog icon up for ya Slim, and I hope you don't mind that I share some performance of your band and some pics."
Check him out if he ever swings through your area - say howdy.
I selected this tune because of the good country roots and pedal steel: (for bronsonmusic); MasonJar has a great thread going about good cover tunes; and Wassonii started me on the pedal steel from Pete Drake (I think you and bronsonmusic will like the expeditious Glenn Taylor and his sounds here). ZeppoNoir, well sir, have some Kris Kristofferson - you'll probably dig everyone that's covered this very good song (with some controversy as well).
The Bluebird Theater here in Denver is a cool venue. I've noted seeing many groups there over the years - fantastic place to have a good beer. This live album was recorded as well during an infamous blizzard here on October 24, 1997. Crates of ale for the cold - hot-stompin' fire-brand country for your soul. Slim, I wish you and yours well!
See you at the show soon!
All The Best/Mac

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