Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Viva La Muerte - Savage Planet

MOG Post: 8/28/2007

I came across this just chance when keying in on MasonJar's post ... word 'die'. I wanted another word and typed 'muerte' - google gave me this. Sweet. My good friend ZeppoNoir loves Fantastic Planet, a 1973 animated film made English of the original French film, La Planète sauvage, directed by René Laloux. We remember most the cool surreal art of Roland Topor, who co-wrote that film with Laloux. In 1971, Roland did these drawings for a film by Arrabal entitled Viva la Muerte. I just love the tune and I love the imagery (and I just read that John Lennon loved the film). I like my surrealism and I like my Goya (and I love artsy, social statements). I must get this FILM NOIR ! would love to know more about these artists and that Fantastic Planet film - it's a favorite from my childhood. Please share some of your glorious insights with us ZeppoNoir. 8-)

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