Sunday, August 19, 2007

Yummy Sounds - Boog It!

MOG Post: 08/19/2007
Artist: Mocean Worker
Album: Cinco de MOWO!
Track: "Shake Ya Boogie"
2007 Mowo!, Inc. \B000QEILQK

I really enjoyed a post by dermahrk about Elvis Presley and The Beatles. A fantastic discussion ensued; I mentioned the overwhelming amount of music that we must sift through everyday. Gratefully, I've taken a lot of historical clues from many of my favorite artists over the years. These references constantly take me back in time - then I always find myself completely engrossed and adoring anything from around 1900-1950. I'm a nostalgia NUT - and I feel like I'm constantly finding really cool stuff from history that constantly tears me away from caring about anything new that's coming along. Like Carl Sagan and his references in Cosmos to reading the entire New York Public Library - there's only a bare % of it you could consume at a crushing 10hr-a-day pace for your entire lifetime! Whew! So, knowing that quite a bit of my music consumption is pretty much Beatle-related (like daily vitamins) ... that leaves little room for great explorations in a music world that had exploded exponentially since the (pardon) atom bomb! With that said, I really can appreciate the amalgamations that music has progressed into when I do catch new things. There's a new type of artist that has the digital ability to sample from a ..massive library of classic sound. This artist can not only pick up a wooden thingy that makes sound when 'played', he can hit a bank of electronic PCBs and cull sounds from thousands of wooden thingies and thousands of timbres and shades of each. Absolutely limitless potential for creativity ..or chaos.
< breathe >

I finally grabbed some time today to catch up on some NPR - All Songs Considered podcasts (outside of mog now my only sane way of getting 'new' sounds from reputable sources). Host Bob Boilen does a great job on that show - great conversations and cool music plays. I played the 6/28/07 broadcast and heard this sweet little tune called "Tickle It" by Mocean Worker. A quick search got me his website and I surfed well, catching this tune here forefront in video. Wow! Incredibly fun, inventive stuff. I'm so glad MOWO is already a MOG presence. Awesome! Enjoy .. I sure do. Sounds like this keeps a smile on your face and a hep in your step.

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