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Exteroceptive Television or Interoceptive Blues?

MOG Post : 1/13/2007
Artist: Ten Years After
Album: Rock & Roll Music To The World
Track: Turned Off T.V. Blues
Track: Religion
1972 Chrysalis Records

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I should think exteroceptive television - given the common state of people's general dialogue these days. Whether we blab about the bullsh*t sitcom last night around the water cooler or we wax up here somewhere about the nutty politicos walking around the world - we most likely do so with only a narrow-banded glass tit for grist. Information comes in many ways - harvest it in many ways. Please - our mind-mills deserve the stimulation and we all deserve the added skepticism.
Times certainly have changed since the opiate of the masses started the scourge of this planet. Once feeding electrical wires to remote places just to light the porch has now monstered into Consumption Extraordinaire. We have truly out-sheeped the sheep on this one, folks. Step back and imagine (there's that word again) what your world would be without that little box sitting in your life.

"As long as each individual is facing the television tube alone, formal freedom poses no threat to privilege" – Noam Chomsky

All but vanity and the vainglorious coin in my opinion. You think I'm railing on you? I'm just as hypocritical - and I bet you with my shrinking dollar. My gripe is the mis_use of this informational _tool - I see it taking advantage of people and warping egos. Knowing it is half the battle for doing something about it, that's all. Just a general angst - don't mind me. I didn't get enough 'funk' the other day here in the 'funky' sort of music way. I got the funked Blues instead from some politico-religio rants I came across in my surf (should have took my own advice and surfed the real outdoors). I came to MOG for the music - I will not proselytize other than some vain attempt at a different way to get you to hear something. (Give you some grist for your mill). Just a jamming payback slight here to balance my mood. Music sure is an expression of humanness - I cannot think of a better way to get some of your Philological 101s covered. As Frank says "Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar"!
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\ Alvin Lee -guitar/vocals
\ Chick Churchill -keyboards
\ Leo Lyons -bass
\ Ric Lee -Drums

Ten Years After\ Rock & Roll Music to the World
\ "Turned Off T.V. Blues"\ 5:12

It's a cold and winter's night
and the rain is falling down
It's so cold, so cold outside
snow is laying all around
There is blackness in my window
and the silence is the only sound

Well I'm sensing and I'm thinking
though I like to watch t.v.
It just fills my mind with garbage
that my eyes ain't supposed to see
Got the turned off t.v. blues now,
but I'm learning how to see
(closing my eyes)

Well I've got a worried feeling
all the pain and misery
Well, it's happening in the world now
even though I cannot see
Though my body is not with you
still my mind is running free
(take me home)

There's just nothing I can do now,
though I search from day to day
But the truth is so hard to tell you,
and you know it anyway
It's a cold and winter's evening,
I wish my blues ... go away

Alvin Lee and 'Big Red' -a 1959 Gibson ES-335

Ten Years After\ Rock & Roll Music to the World
\ "Religion"\ 5:49

I never really understood religion
Except it seems a good excuse to kill
I never really could make a decision
I don't suppose I ever really will

I can't relate to any power structure
Where ego is the driving energy
I let mine go a long, long time ago, now
When I decided that I would be free

The only thing I understand is living
The biggest sacrifice to make is death
Once you're dead, there's noting left for giving
The life means fighting your every breath

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