Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I just wanna say...

MOG Post: 1/17/2008
Artist: Bob Dylan
Album: Another Side Of Bob Dylan
Track: All I Really Want To Do
1965 Columbia Records

Words are weird. They can send you spinning (whistles). So many combinations and turns and twists - context is difficult (if not downright impossible sometimes). I wish I could pick up the phone at times with some folks here. Some threads get lost. (Not really - they're just put down for a time). Time is a strange thing..moods change like the shadows ever constant. Many times the keys we type around here don't quite get the right thoughts or .. those eye-glimmers that actually lurk behind all our screens (you know what I mean). I always like to think there's the perfect way to ease it all when typing labors don't cut the rug and cover the breath of the thoughts. That is the music ( a constant) that stands behind these brain wonders we all post (too fast for this FastR most days... I surf my musical heart when it calls and I get driven by other expressions here) - made the same through the tunes that chime my ear or my mood. It's random. I've said it - it makes well the hours. Anyway ... just for the record ... to follow some theme (unfortunate politic forced on us this year in the states fueled my last rant, er, post) I will find truer meanings with each step. This is in many ways how I feel when I think about the connections here most of the time. Someone up here, some time, will warm your heart as well as chill your bones. If you don't quite get Bob Dylan - no worries .. you will. Someday he will chant something from his vast library and it will hit you full force. Like a ton of bricks his words can pummel your clarity & place with such conviction you will well tears in perfect harmony. Time always moves - but words and music have the ability (oh so well) to be timeless. This song is from a time when Dylan was influencing The Beatles - and they him. Smile your eyes and ears. Nice to meet you.

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