Sunday, December 23, 2007

Fab Yourself a Happy Crimble and a Merry Goo Year!

MOG Post: 12/23/2007
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Artifacts II
Track: Christmas Time (Is Here Again)!
1967 EMI Christmas EP

We Beatle scruffs are familiar with the series of Christmas E.P.s that were released to the fan club from 1963-1969. Well-documenting their changes through the seven years, the club received a choice holiday glimpse of the Fabs around the mic(s) for a tune and yule-giggle. Dermahrk has kindly posted the lovely 1963 recording on his MOG . It's merry contrast to the (almost solely produced Lennono) later recorded Beatlecheer of 1969. Each sounds as you would expect the boys to sound in them - from cloistered crimblygiggle in 1963 to ... I'll Mail You the funny papers.
OK, so 1967 was still a good year. Their merry new banter centered more on their own comps than the (copyrighted) ones (hear 1965). '67 brought us a tune called "Christmas Time (Is Here Again)". The song was chopped over for the lovely, odd skits and bits on the Christmas record, which was, eh, highly creative and bespoke the time. Let us CUT the rug here sans "Plenty of Jam Jars" by The Ravelers, with a little present for your 40th anniversary gathering of gear little packages.
Question for mog: Hmm..were they perhaps hinting to the Tim Leary phrase of the day? Turn On, Tune In, and drop O-U-T.
Grimble maybe, Jolly whoop, and may your festive bells jingle.
Goo tidings to yours (and all the boys in BOR245thhine783).

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