Sunday, December 30, 2007

What are the deepest rhythms in your ears?

MOG Post: 12/30/2007
Artist: Blind Willie Johnson
Album: Murmurs of Earth
Track: Dark Was The Night
Commemorative Edition

Solar Synchronizations and Interplanetary Vagabonds. I think this song is about the perfect speed for my Cosmos. It's a fine human example to be chosen for the gold record placed on the Voyager spacecraft (should 'they' be so cool as to spin it).

Just to wonder what it 'sounds' like way out there...dipping your Pharaoh in the Solar Seas and finding yourself in some new Chichen Itza in the Vega system.

Watching this following video made me think of the SOHO spacecraft:

I thought of these sounds as well:
...Click on the Music of The Spheres link there. Johannes Kepler made a musical readout of the tones reflecting the motions of the Sun's planets in their orbits. It's called Harmonica Mundi.

Mathematical frequencies indeed ...this video is definitely fascinating. Just where are we in this 'post-modern' world? Would you say a paradigm (or more) has shifted and we are on to a new label of thinking? Past thoughts on a new time. So what are your plans these next 4 years? Talk about warp-factors Scotty! Beam me up indeed. ....Incedentely, I can't quite fathom the symbolism represented in our DIA (New World Airport) here - the murals of Quetzalcoatl are overwhelming. Things to make you think.

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