Monday, December 31, 2007

Mwaka mpya mwema!

It's nice when our local Rocky gives us something pretty with our morning coffee...

MOG Post: 12/31/2007
Artist: Electric Flag
Album: The Best Of Electric Flag
Track: Sunny
1971 Columbia 30422

Thanks MOG for making 2007 a memorable year for me. I'm looking forward to 2008 and more great interactions happening here. I'm grateful for this place and all of you here - sharing some great music that ease the days many times over. In a mere five months I've found many new things to listen to and I've more affections for neglected music I already have. My ears are happy.
Another resolute resolution (loving hint to the lovely Mrs) - I intend to discipline my time around all this with some much-improved temperance (like the 'no-media' days devoid of TV. Key word: moderation. Health.
I celebrated the big 'for oh' this year. : sigh : I still pick up my Stratocastor like I was seventeen - but getting older sucks pipe! Remember it's only the body that changes: we get vexed that we still feel the same - just that we can't do it the same! I'm glad to have some fellow 45rpm oldies to share with up here. I'm also glad there are some hip young folks here keeping me in tune. Music and the feelings they give are ageless - music KEEPS us all young!
One of these days I'll sit down and share with you one of my favorite moments from '07. Being the Hendrix fan that I am, you could only imagine how I felt when I met Buddy Miles. I have his signature now, right under Jimi's guitar on my Band Of Gypsies album. I'll have some indelible memories of that evening, as will my good friend who brought this Electric Flag album for a signature. He's a great audiophile (and music aficionado, and fellow Beatles scruff) - you will definitely be privy this 2008 to some of our vinyl 'rips' that are on the block (like these cut here). I thank him very much for some sincerely great times this 2007. I look forward to more (Guinness)!
I chose this tune for a another reason. ZeppoNoir, a friend whom I've shared music with since meeting him in 1979, is the friend who sent me the invite to this MOG . He wisely convinced me and MasonJar to join; we all share some choice record-pedaling days back in the 90's together and this place feels a lot like it did then. Our frequent iChats keep the distance between Seattle and Denver bearable. Zepp was able to come out here to Colorado for our birthday celebrations - it was great to have his company. A lot of things happened that week - a lot of good meetings and shared times and convivial imbibing. For me - in the few remaining hours before driving him to the airport for the flight back - it was sharing this tune. "I'm really likin' this track" he said. Indeed. :-)
This song is for all of those people in my life that make my days musical. This would most definitely include the furry creatures taking shelter here in our homes. They're always kind to us despite our being so dumb sometimes. You know how it is - always more to the stories than can be typed with these little keys. I think I'll let Barry Goldberg say it with his keys. ;-)

Peace in the New Year. Be Safe. Be Well.

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