Saturday, December 29, 2007

Merry MOGGing whistleto mixing under the covers!

MOG Post: 12/29/2007
Artist: Buffalo Daughter
Album: New Rock
Track: Great Five Lakes
1998 Grand Royal Records

"Discover people through music
...and music through people"
'Tis the season. Some posts come quicker than others. Some come as quick as a mogmail. Here's a piece from one I just sent to another favorite artist here on MOG :
>> If this place is about hooking up, well ... I have a thought. I came across a great artist last year and I have been avidly listening to him since (it was listening to Buffalo Daughter and finding this remixes EP). Cornelius is on my - you should be listening to - widget. I did a few clicks on MOG last month and I (joy) noticed he joined here: (artist site:
> I also noticed that he's coming over here from Japan. Certainly sad that he'll not get to Denver - but he will be at The Fillmore in San Francisco on January 18th, 2008.
...and some other cities here in the states :-) x10
(More to come later - bet)! Check him out moggers - and if you're anywhere near those cities go get your tix!
(Check out contra's latest waxing ecstatic here) :)

...So then a few more clicks on this ear and a wink and I realize there are no Buffalo Daughter posts on our MOG . WTF. There's been no affection here for this great acumen of sound?! Such a great privilege and a pleasure then to bring you something from my jpop juke to yours - something good that I know Cornelius is listening to. He has a great remix EP CD full of goodies, including a nice mix of the Buffalo Daughter tune "Great Five Lakes", from their 1998 album New Rock.
There's lots of tonal variety on this album - it's all so good it's difficult to pick just one for you from the variety and scope of the fourteen. Hmmm, something to take the mind off the overly tasty glutton of chocolate, spruce needles, bay leaves, and snow. Speaking of bays and my knowledge of the Great Lakes area - Green Bay has snowmobiles on it about now. Nice to think about summer things in all this frigid air and snow. With nice funky drum, I really love the changes this tune takes us through (and frogs are just cool to hear when its 15 degrees outside). Warm tidings to wherever you may be traveling this holiday season O MOGgies. Best 2U & URs. :-)

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